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Heroflon around the world

“Think global, act local”

is the philosophy underlying our ‘Glocal’ approach. The origin of this concept is Japanese, it derives from the word dochakuka which means global localization. At the first it only referred to the farming techniques, and during the 80s it was applied also to the business management.

Globalization has come with the fall of boundaries and distances reduction, but we never forget that different cultures still remain, and our duty is to respect and bear the growth of local communities where our businesses are based.

Our sales offices and warehouses in USA (since 1998), Brazil (since 2012) and United Kingdom (since 2016) are the evidences of our international expansion process. Their activities, and the solid commercial partnerships established all over the world, give customers the excellent quality of our products with the advantage of shorter lead-times and a dedicated local customer service.