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Heromelt FP Fluorothermoplastics PEEK and Special Products

Heromelt is the range of fluorinated thermoplastic polymers and their compounds that can be processed by melt extrusion, injection moulding and compression moulding. Heromelt FP Fluorothermoplastics (PFA, FEP, MFA and ETFE) are available as virgin polymers and as base polymers for tailor-made compounds. These products have a wide range of technical and critical applications such as “off-shore” sealingelements, pumps and valves for chemical plants, wire and cable coatings and many other precision components.




  • Non-aging characteristics
  • Chemical inertness
  • Outstanding dielectric properties
  • Heat resistance
  • Toughness and flexibility
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Non-stick properties
  • Very low flammability
  • Extreme temperature resistance -200° ÷250°C
  • Outstanding weather resistance


Heromelt is Heroflon’s range of high-performing Polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) products. Used in a wide range of industrial fields, using standard thermoplastic tools and machinery, Heromelt products have a wide combination of extremely favourable properties.




  • Operates through a wide range of temperatures
  • Mantains its properties in extreme and hostile conditions
  • Ease of processing: processable with conventional thermoplastic equipment
  • As one of the highest performing thermoplastics it is particularly suitable for a broad range of demanding applications
  • Light weight, cost-effective and completely recyclable