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Heroflon Virgin PTFE & Herocomp PTFE Compounds


APPLICATION: Valve Seats, Membranes, Flanges, Gaskets, Bellows, Heat-Exchangers, etc

CHALLENGE: Guarantee maximum cleanliness and Chemical inertness of the base polymer
at the required temperature range.

SOLUTION: MG1, MG4, EG-1, EG-1F, PTFE COND F, (High quality PTFE)

RESULTS: Products with controlled and ‘well-monitored’ mechanical properties upon HF fixed
Product Specification with high level of quality consistancy from batch to batch.
Electrically conductive properties to fulfil ATEX Directives.
Pelletized grade upon Processing technology.

BENEFITS: Homogeneous parts with zero contamination and easy machinability even to very tight tolerances.