Heroflon goes to Würzburg for the international conference “Innovations using Fluoropolymers”

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Heroflon will attend once again the international conference “Innovations using Fluoropolymers” which is organized by SKZ, the most important German organization dedicated to training and education within the plastic branch.

The conference will take place on 25th and 26th April 2017 in Würzbur – Germany at the Marienberg Fort, as usual, and where all major players will be present as well as a large representation of the major users in the various industry segments such as Aerospace, Automotive, Hydraulic and Chemical.

Dr.-Ing. Claudio Cattivelli, Sales and Development Director of Heroflon, will give a speech which is scheduled for Wednesday 26th of April at 9.20 AM and which will be focused on innovative conductive fillers in Herocomp PTFE Compounds.

The presence at this special event confirms the excellent reputation and appreciation of the quality levels achieved by Heroflon in its own market of competence.