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Herocomp PTFE Compounds


APPLICATION: Nozzles, Insulators, Circuit-Breaker protection.

CHALLENGE: Guarantee full protection to critical electrical part for Medium to High
Voltage electrical plants.

SOLUTION: 0,1M, 0,15M, 0,20M (High quality PTFE and MoS2)

RESULTS: Extremely homogeneous blending with no contamination, agglomeration and/or spots
of material. Best suitability to fill-in the complicated Isostatic Moulding tools in order
to reduce waste of product.

BENEFITS: The homogeneous and finely dispersed Filler distribution allow to avoid a ‘Pass-through’
distructive damage by the sparks generated during the ‘On/Off’ switching mode.

Heromelt Colour Fluoro-Masterbatches


APPLICATION: Colouring Insulating Cable coating.

CHALLENGE: Matching required high electrical insulation performances and RAL colour references for Military, Aerospace applications.

SOLUTION: Heromelt Colour Fluoro-Masterbatches base on the correct identical polymers to that of the
required coating material (FEP, PFA, etc.)

RESULTS: Perfect cable sheating without contamination and/or defect points.

BENEFITS: Best insulation performances even at extremely thin coating thickness. Correct colour matching for ‘fail-safe’ installation.