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Herocomp PTFE Compounds


APPLICATION: Shaft-Seals, Glide bands, Seal-rings, Lip-seals, Shock-Absorbers, Gas-Spring, etc.

CHALLENGE: Long-term life service, low abrasion, reduced porosity.

SOLUTION: High Quality PTFE and various filler-mix formulations with very clean Glass Fibers,
Graphite, Carbons, Carbon Fibers, etc. More that 1.400 Formulations available.
25GL NPA, 15GL5M, 10GR, 23CARR2GR, 25CAR/GR, etc.

RESULTS: Increased service life-time, reduced maintanance and almost zero-emission.
Easy machinability and low wear.

BENEFITS: Low abrasivity against mating surface, consistant quality from batch to batch.
No agglomerates or Filler nesting.