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During all phases of its growth, Heroflon Group has never lost sight of its real ambition: to handle business in the most efficient and productive manner, always in the interest and respect of all involved parties (stakeholders).

The philosophy which has always been the basis of the Group’s business, is to pursue a constant, balanced and most of all sustainable growth.

Keeping in consideration the increasing attention which is given to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Heroflon has enclosed in this Code of Ethics and Behaviour the guide lines and moral values that guide relations, both internally and externally, between the company and all who are involved with it.

This Code of Ethics and Behaviour is not exaustive, but it is rather substantial. It indicates the basic guide lines to always act respectfully towards the environment and the society.
This code does not mention all the situations that can be encountered while carrying out daily tasks and assignments, but it rather indicates how to evaluate each situation appropriately and with common sense in order to make the right decision.

The industrial development which is pursued by the company cannot transcend the adherence to this code. It is shared with all involved parties, so that any stakeholders who have relations with external parties in Heroflon’s name, observe these guidelines.

Click here to download the full version of our ethic and behavior code.